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Gord Speaking

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Audience Response to Gord’s Speeches

“Thank you very much for a great presentation! The students were so impressed with your extensive knowledge and experience. Some mentioned that you were the best guest lecturer they had ever had.”

Frank Miele, York University Professor, Toronto, Ontario


“Gord was invited to speak at the 2015 Ontario Library Association Super Conference. He was the Spotlight Speaker for the library boards division and spoke on the subject of library spaces from the perspective of library leadership. We received great feedback on the content of the talk and many of the trustees considered it the highlight of their conference.”

Michelle Arbuckle, Education Programs Manager, Ontario Library Association


“I recently asked Gord Hume to speak to a large audience at our Mayor’s Business Breakfast in the Town of Caledon.  His thought-provoking presentation swept our audience along, and inspired us to consider a better future for Caledon.  Gord’s writings and presentations will push you to consider the public realm and the way we develop for future generations, how we form policies and civic decision-making processes.”

Mayor Marolyn Morrison, Town of Caledon


“Your presentation was lively and engaging. Improving our communities and cities is imperative and the messages you delivered were important ones for our people to hear and heed.”

Joseph S. Mancinelli, International Vice President, LIUNA 2014


“We are deeply grateful to you for coming to the forum and giving us your impressive and informative speech. The event organizers have been told that many people attending, particularly municipal officials, were greatly inspired by your speech. It was very informative for them.”

(Ms. Hyun Kwak, UNESCO Creative Cities Network Coordinator, South Korea)


“Thank you for coming to the Capital Region and thank you for a wonderful presentation. You hit the mark … and thank you for taking the approach you did. You were bold and straight.”

(Mayor of St. Albert, AB, 2014)


“I keep getting comments and emails congratulating us for the excellent presentations.”

(from a municipal official in British Columbia, on the response from the attendees after Gord’s two speeches)


“I’ve been coming to these conferences for 30 years, and [Gord’s speech] was the best speech I’ve heard.”

(from a veteran municipal planning official in Alberta, 2013)


“Thank you for your amazing contribution! We have received great feedback that has been very positive.”

“Your opening address set the stage for the rest of the week; and your break-out sessions were over-booked and well appreciated.”

“I appreciate your contributions to our conference. You provided excellent messaging to all delegates, which I hope they in turn take it back to their home communities and keep it in their tool box.”

“You did a great job, Gord. I have heard feedback from many and you were bang on. Folks very much enjoyed you.”

(from senior officials with Municipal and Community Affairs, Northwest Territories, 2013)


“Gord Hume is a champion of culture as an essential part of community development. His engaging speaking style combined with his experience working at the municipal level make him truly inspirational.”

Astero Kalogeropoulos, Brantford Cultural Network Coordinator


“Your speech was fantastic and each time I hear you I always pick something new up from your words of wisdom.

Northern Ontario Mayors Association


“Gord Hume has not only ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ but has an amazing ability to communicate to his audience, in a direct but humourous way, the processes involved in re-inventing places for the 21st century economy. Whether through his many years in municipal government or through his writing or speeches, Gord’s passionate belief in improving the quality of life for the community he serves is an inspiration to us all. More people need to hear what he has to say.”

Professor Eddie Friel, OBE, Niagara University, New York, USA


“The very first time I heard Gord Hume speak at a provincial planning conference, I was immediately impressed with his connection to the audience and with his knowledge of the cultural economy.

The second time I heard him speak was at a Canadian Creative Cities session in Ontario. I was even more impressed. In addition to connecting with the audience and knowing his topic, I also sensed his passion for all things creative. It was then that I vowed to find an opportunity to bring Gord to our community, to light the fire under our community leaders and elected politicians. And he did just that.

He changed things in Oxford, at the grassroots level, and I will always be grateful…I recommend him unequivocally as a keynote speaker.”

Cathy Bingham, Tourism Manager, County of Oxford


“As a newcomer to the cultural planning world, I found Gord Hume’s creative yet practical approach to championing municipal cultural planning inspiring and very helpful. His concrete tools and tips for the cultural revitalization of cities have proven invaluable in our strengthening of Halifax as a creative city. I would also embrace any future opportunities for learning from Mr. Hume and would recommend him to others navigating cultural planning and the creative city movement.

Leticia Smillie, Halifax Regional Municipality Cultural Planner


“Your talk was brilliant. You truly inspired us and the panel, and your positive energy carried us through the day.”

(Alice Sabourin, Hamilton Cultural Manager)


“Gord Hume is a speaker who excites audiences with his innovative ideas, his passion and his practical advice on how to get things done. Gord understands the theory but he delivers more than that. He leaves his audiences with a call to action and a plan to implement the vision. He inspires others to take action in their communities. His background in broadcasting, municipal government and communications is a unique combination of experience which enables him to deliver messages others can’t. You won’t be disappointed.”

Carol Stephenson, (retired) Dean, Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario


“Gord engages his audience; if they’re willing to hear what he’s saying, they’ll be challenged to change. He’s committed to sharing creative ways to keep communities vital into the long term. The fact that he is willing to share what he’s learned and applied in London is a gift to those who invite him to speak. I hope he’ll return to Alberta soon! We need to continue to be challenged to apply what he’s teaching.”

John Henricks, Director of Planning and Economic Development, Taber, Alberta


“Gord’s many contributions to public life have helped create prosperity and opportunities in communities across the province and Canada. His speeches capture the imagination of the audience with his incredible knowledge of municipal cultural planning. Gord is one of the foremost authorities on challenges and opportunities that are facing municipal governments today. Gord has distinguished himself as one of the real leaders in municipal government and community cultural planning, and as a speaker he has much knowledge and insight to share.”

Mayor Dan Mathieson, Stratford, Ontario


“Gord Hume brings to his speeches and presentations a deep knowledge of cultural planning and of the role of creativity and culture in local economies. Gord’s speeches reflect the ‘real world’ understanding of how municipalities make decisions and get things done, based on his 13 years as a city councillor. He is a powerful and motivating speaker able to communicate to local politicians and municipal officials in language they understand.”

Dr. Greg Baeker, Principal, Authenticity, Toronto, Ontario


“Great to have you here. Thank you for making the couple of days you spent with us so worthwhile. The staff response was extremely positive and our manager’s meeting on Thursday was inspired. We like the scenario planning so much we are going to incorporate it as well as create some special projects groups to tackle real problems.”

Darren Ottaway, CAO, Grande Cache, Alberta


“We’d like to thank you for your participation in the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s Annual Conference. Your “Local Food Revolution” presentation was a resounding success. We have had excellent feedback…”

Craig Reid, Jennifer Mark, AMO


“A big ‘thank you’ to you, Gord. I keep getting comments and emails congratulating us for the excellent presentations. Seems people are definitely motivated to make some positive changes after hearing the timely and important information you provided. Your 2 PPT presentations are up on our website now.”

Bob Kuhn, Cultural Manager, City of Nanaimo, BC


“THANK YOU for the excellent presentation and for all you have done to spark real interest about local food issues in this community….I have appreciated your perspective, experience and sense of humour…”

Shirl Kosky, Elgin Ontario Health Unit


“Your presentation was exactly on the mark for what we hoped to achieve.  You did a wonderful job; and are most professional.”

Marlene Coffey, Chief Executive Officer, Stratford Economic Enterprise Development Corporation


“I enjoyed your speech very much. It was dynamic and inspiring.”

(Byung-Don Cho, Mayor, Icheon City, South Korea)


“Excellent presentation and speech, Gord. Gave all of us a number of thoughtful ideas to reflect on and act on…”

(Mike Bradley, Mayor, Sarnia, Ontario)


“Your presentation was tremendous. I enjoyed it very much.”

(Ms. Cynthia Song, Editor, Shenzen Daily, Shenzen, China)


“Gord’s presentation was fabulous. Great energy, great insight. Just sorry not everyone on Council could attend.”

(Halifax city councillor)


“Your address was key to the forum’s success and has helped build momentum for cultural planning across Saskatchewan. Judging from the many positive comments we received from delegates, it is clear your presentation was both instructive and inspirational.”

(Carlos Germann, Director, Saskatchewan Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport)