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Gord Hume’s Latest Adventure

Gord Hume's Latest Adventure

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Singapore Bling – A Samantha and the Sheriff Adventure by Gord Hume

Novel “Singapore Bling”

A magnificent pink diamond necklace worth a fortune.

A secretive new Asian crypto-currency.

And two smooth-talking international con artists who abscond with millions.

Samantha and her Sheriff are quickly thrust into the mystery and history of South-East Asia when their relentless pursuit of the crooks who stole from their friends takes them to Singapore. Then a desperate chase through the Amsterdam Airport leads to more shocking twists in this exciting story. The result is a thunderous climax to “Singapore Bling”.

In Gord Hume’s third “Samantha and the Sheriff” adventure, riotous humour combines with thrilling action and adventure. The usual wild and crazy bunch of Florida characters, and the intrigues of city hall politics, provides a sharp contrast to the rigid society of Singapore as Samantha navigates the treacherous waters of international crime. Laughs and thrills abound as she and the Sheriff risk all to recover their friends’ lost treasures. Richly drawn characters and an intriguing story line combine to make “Singapore Bling” a wonderful read.

Fans of this series have enthusiastically embraced “Samantha and the Sheriff”, their daring adventures and their intense, sometimes tempestuous, love affair. And reader response has made it clear that Rosie, their dog, has become a beloved part of the stories:

“We love these books!” “I couldn’t put it down until I finished it at 2am.” “I read it on the plane and was laughing out loud.” “What a clever and amusing story! I can’t wait for the sequel.” “Great fun and lots of laughs. We love Rosie.” “Some really perceptive comments about our society today.” “I couldn’t stop laughing.” “The twists and turns in the story are brilliant.”


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