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Gord at a book signing at the 2014 AMO conference.

Gord at a book signing at the 2014 AMO conference.

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Cultural Planning for Creative Communities

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“Places and Spaces was an insightful read.  Lots of inspiration and food for thought.”   

– Mike Bradley, Mayor, City of Sarnia

“It is an extremely good read and will be of enormous interest not only to students and academics  of ‘Place Making’ but as a practical guide to practitioners as well.”

– Professor Eddie Friel, OBE

“It is a wonderful book! I read it in one sitting and could not put it down. It is insightful, easy to read and it has absolutely the right message.”

– Urban Planning legend Larry Beasley

Gord Hume – 2014

Places and Spaces - Gord Hume 2014People fell out of love with their city. Could there be a more damning indictment for planners and politicians?

That is just one of the important themes in Gord Hume’s latest municipal masterpiece, “Places and Spaces”.

How municipalities design their public realm strongly influences their economy and culture.

There is an instinctual desire by people for beauty and peace in their surroundings.

Places and spaces help to shape the civility of cities and the people in them.

Through in-depth interviews with leading experts around the world, Gord deftly weaves a compelling blueprint for livable, prosperous and sustainable cities. “Places and Spaces” is a sharply-conceived analysis of how the public and private realms intersect—and often collide.

Are municipalities rolling out the red carpet–or the red tape?

All of a sudden, public places and spaces are becoming the new urban living room. As living spaces diminish, the public realm expands. It is a profound new reality for cities. It will drive more and more public policy in the decades ahead. This is a crucial answer to another emerging issue—the growing isolation of seniors as our population ages. This is both a social and a health concern.

The content of this book is strong, provocative, thought-provoking and contemporary.

  • What is the future for our suburbs?
  • How do we increase density in our downtowns?
  • Should municipalities be investing in huge mega-projects like downtown sports and entertainment complexes?

How municipalities shape and design the public realm strongly influences their image and style. There is an almost instinctual desire by people for beauty and peace in their surroundings. Aesthetics matter to us. We like trees and green spaces, we adore water and waterfronts.

Places and spaces help to shape the civility of cities and the people in them. We are inspired by the physical presence of unique and lasting design. Magnificent architecture can define a city—think of Gaudi’s influence on Barcelona. He set a style and vibe for design and public art that weaves it way throughout the city, and today inspires Barcelona as a beacon for creative industries and minds.

Places and spaces define a city.

Here are more of the crucial topics that Gord confronts in this invigorating new book:

  1. Here are two basic questions local government officials need to ask themselves: Is your city’s public realm supporting your community’s economic model? Is your city plan supporting your community’s economic model?
  2. If your grandchildren come to you in 25 years and ask, ‘What was a farm?’ then surely we’ve failed as a society.
  3. Developers sometimes need to be pushed, yet often municipal officials are scared to do the pushing.
  4. The rules by planners and municipalities don’t make sense if they aren’t creating a great city. What is the city seeking toachieve?
  5. We can’t let our cities get sterile.
  6. There are great cities in the world. We need to learn from them, and demand more of our political leaders.
  7. Urban leaders can’t wait for slow, dysfunctional Legislatures
  8. Some cities exude an intensity and fervor that inspires and attracts.
  9. Cities should move us, touch us, with many varied emotions. We should feel things about cities. That’s one of the magnificent realities of why we love and hate cities, and why we are so fascinated by them.

Gord Hume’s newest book, “Places and Spaces”, is a must-read for all elected officials from all levels of government, everyone involved in the planning/urban design/engineering/health/recreation/community development departments in all city halls.

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