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Welcome Plenary at Jasper Park Lodge

Welcome Plenary at Jasper Park Lodge

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Speaking at Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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Visiting China: Great Wall of China

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Athens, Greece

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Istanbul, Turkey

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Speaking at Brescia College

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Gord Hume in Waikiki


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Welcome to the Gord Hume home page. Thank you for visiting.

Gord Hume

This web site provides you with information on my speaking, writing and consulting services to municipalities and government, business and community organizations.

The exciting news for 2020 is the publication of my third novel!  “SINGAPORE BLING”  is a terrific romp as Samantha and the Sheriff fly to Singapore and then Amsterdam chasing the two con artists who have fleeced their friends in Florida.  A diamond necklace, a frantic chase and a lot of humor make this book a fabulous read.  You will really like it.

It is the third in the series about Samantha and the Sheriff. “SAPHIRE BLUE”  is a fun and funny look at life in Florida.  It’s a rom-com, has an interesting murder, lots of amusing commentary about life in a beach-side condo complex, and—perhaps not surprisingly, given my background—corruption in city hall.  “ALLIGATOR ALLEY”  is the second novel.  It finds Samantha and her Sheriff in danger from drug runners and Central American assassins at the same time as Samantha is embroiled in a vicious municipal election.  Tense, funny, and a great read. 

.  It’s a rom-com, has an interesting murder, lots of amusing commentary about life in a beach-side condo complex, and—perhaps not surprisingly, given my background—corruption in city hall.  “ALLIGATOR ALLEY” is the second novel in Gord Hume’s popular “Samantha and the Sheriff” series.


I am also the author of seven non-fiction books, and co-author of two more books, that focus on building great communities and improving local government.   The books are in more than 22 countries around the world.   My latest non-fiction book is “GETTING CITIES RIGHT”, an intense exploration of the new challenges that governments will face in the years ahead.  These range from innovative technologies to demographic shifts to changing how local governments are financed.  It is also a powerful and compelling look at today’s unique political climate.

To learn about all eight of my books, please visit the BOOKS section of this web site.  To order any of the non-fiction books, simply visit

I believe that for most people and most businesses most of the time, local government has become the most important order of government—yet that is the order of government that gets the least attention.  We need to improve municipal governance and must change the ways municipalities in Canada are financed, governed and operated.  We must understand much better the need for strong, vibrant, creative and sustainable cities and towns.  They are driving our economic prosperity and our international competitiveness.

After a successful career in business and as an entrepreneur, I entered the world of local government and was elected to London City Council in 1997.  Frankly, I didn’t like the way the previous council was running my city, so I ran to make change.  That passion for creating great communities has been a hallmark of my life since I first covered Saskatoon city hall as a very young reporter in the late 1960s. 

I was elected four times before deciding to retire from public life in 2010 so I could focus on my writing and speaking about government issues and community opportunities.

I now specialize in helping municipalities and community organizations by speaking at conferences and civic events across Canada and around the world.  My speaking engagements have taken me across Canada and into the United States, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

I had a wonderful career in broadcasting, and later in the newspaper industry.  I was General Manager of some great radio stations, President of two broadcasting companies, and in 2002 was the founding Publisher of The Londoner, which became Canada’s largest independent community newspaper.  This spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship has been a theme in both my public and private life.  I now edit PERSPECTIVES magazine.

I’ve had some terrific experiences in my life and career, ranging from being a volunteer helping radio stations in Ukraine (I froze and starved) and Guatemala (had a fabulous time, and avoided being shot by the guerillas) to being the mentor for Canada’s first Miss Universe.  It has been a fascinating journey. 

I’ve been fortunate to travel to many countries around the world, and I find the study of the culture, cuisine and history of nations to be both intriguing and educational.  I’ve eaten mussels in Brussels, perogies in Ukraine, goulash in Budapest, Sacher torte in Vienna, Peking Duck in Beijing, and bouillabaisse in a two-star Michelin restaurant on the shore of the Mediterranean in Marseilles.  I’ve drunk Pisco Sours on the beach in Peru, had some mysterious fish in Costa Rica, enjoyed kim chee in Korea, great southern barbeque in a little dive in Tennessee and sipped great wines in Provence. 

I’ve ridden on the Moscow to Budapest Express, enjoyed the Chunnel train from London to Paris, cruised on ships in the Caribbean and up the Alaskan coast, rode a ‘tuk tuk’ in Thailand, the Mag Lev train that went 431 kms/hour in Shanghai, a rollicking bus in Central America, and somehow survived driving the freeways in California.  I spent one winter driving the US coast-to-coast-to-coast, learning lots about its people and history.

I’ve climbed the Great Wall of China, attended two Olympic Games, and walked hunched-over in a North Korean tunnel under the DMZ that makes Korea the only divided country left in the world.  I’ve snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, dived in Mexico, explored the Yukon and watched the fireworks with 2 million others at the famous Sydney Bridge for the first official New Years Eve celebration in the world. 

My 2019 adventure is a cruise from Singapore to Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Oman, United Arab Emirates and disembarking in Dubai.

And, there is a rumor there may be a sequel coming after my first novel!  Stay tuned!

It’s been a fascinating life so far, and I look forward to more adventures!

I hope you enjoy browsing this web site.  And please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time if I can be of assistance to you.   [email protected]      519-657-7755

All the best,